Red Ford

The RJM team of consultants will provide the following services:

  • We supply you with a market analysis on your new or pre-owned purchase, of a Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, Boat or RV
  • Present you with a break-down on the Pros and Cons of buying a vehicle verses leasing
  • Locate the exact vehicle you’re looking for by searching 118 Nationwide Dealer ONLY auctions
  • Use our years of experience and expertise to get you the best price
  • Personally secure your financing through our personal relationships with banks or credit unions that can provide you with the best possible rate
  • We have a wide arrange of available warranties to help protect your investment
  • Personally print and oversee contracts and delivery of your new vehicle
  • We have a direct connection with ALL manufactures for all NEW vehicles


RJM Automotive is a Team of Automotive Consultants located in Fort Collins; however, we are a nationwide provider. We will tailor fit our services when it comes to leasing new vehicles, buying new vehicles, buying pre-owned vehicles, and much much more.

Let the Team at RJM Automotive SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY on your next vehicle purchase!

Customer Reviews

I will definitely use Greg again in the future

"I was referred to Greg by a friend who also had a great experience. My friend said, "Why would you want to do all the work when you can get someone on the inside of the car business with years of experience. Greg will work on your behalf to find the best deal." My wife and I went to a local dealer to look at the options and decide exactly what we wanted. We also looked to get an idea of price based on the options we were considering. After we made a decision about the make and model of car we went to Greg. Basically we just told him the our budget and the model of car we wanted. He did all the rest. He has access to dealer auctions and got us the minivan we wanted for about $5000 under the cost for the same car at the dealership. It was easy and painless. His service included multiple checks by mechanics to ensure that the car was in good shape. He also helped us to get a few upgrades at a discounted rate. The $5000 savings and the ease of the transaction made his fee a win win. It’s nice to know someone in the car industry you can trust. I will definitely use Greg again in the future and recommend him to anyone thinking about buying a new or used car. Greg will save you time, money, and hassle in the car buying experience. I can’t think of a reason why you would want to by a car any other way. " 

Jolly and Cherie J.